Two sides to everyone


    I went to a glamour lighting workshop in San Francisco to broaden my knowledge. While I was there, one of the set-ups was this lovely lady dressed in an evening gown. I didn't want just the same boudoir shots that everyone else took, and deiced that I would do something different.

    I accessed the scene and noticed the mirror. I thought, we can shoot a reflection in the mirror. To make it more interesting, I thought that I would make it contrasting. So why not have the girl scolding herself. The idea of this was to take the focus off of what she was wearing and put in on her actions instead. So in one photo I made her pointing at herself and in the second I had her gesturing like “what did I do?” 

    In the second photo I decided to keep up with the contrast theme, So I had her pose in a sophisticated and serious pose. In the contrast, I had her less contrived and laughing.


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