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Wedding at Preston Castle in Ione Ca.

November 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The dreams of a bride are to have beautiful wedding. The dreams of a wedding photographer is to have a beautiful location. The first meeting I had with my future bride Vicki for this wedding, I was told the wedding was in Jackson Ca. That is fine with me. The second meeting we had she informed me that the venue had been changed and that they were now going to be married at Preston Castle in Ione. I have never done or seen a wedding at the castle before and was excited to be able to photograph there. The thought of having a wedding at an old Castle might not be appealing to everyone but it was actually very nice. They got married on the front steps of the castle and the reception was staged out back in the courtyard. I did have one concern. The couple has two boys, and so during all my meetings, I talked to Vicki but never seen Pat because he would be home with the kids. The day of the event is the first time I got to meet him. I was happy to know that in fact, I had photographed him before as a groomsmen in a previous wedding. I started off meeting the groom and his men. Usually the men are not ready when i show up but this time they were. It gave us plenty of time to take some cool photos around and in the Castle The bride and her beautiful bridesmaids showed up just a little before the wedding. The couple decided not to see each other before the wedding and so we did the brides photos after the ceremony. The reception held on the courtyard in the back was decorated lovely with Red Roses, wooden blocks that had there initials on them, Mood lighting strung across the span of the yard as well as up lighting on the castle walls. Think for me that best part of the wedding was seeing a couple with an already established family still take the time to make a dream wedding come true.

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Ma-Ha Photography goes on a road trip to Gualala Ca.

July 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

Whenever you have a client that has been coming back for years you come to trust each other. I was contacted by Jessica and Brad. I have done several photo shoots for them in the past. She really wanted to go to their favorite spot to do photos. Of course their favorite spot is a small town called Gualala near Fort Bragg and some 4 1/2 hours away. ROAD TRIP! ok so it ended up being one very long day but it was so worth it.

I had asked Jessica what type of photos she was looking for and she didn't know. I suggested since we were going to the beach, how about something more steamy, kind of a romance novel cover type? She thought it would be fun and so we found a few examples to reference and a clothing choice that would work and set a date. Now I normally would not suggest such a shoot with a client but since two major factors lead me this direction I decided to go for it. Factor 1. Know your clients. I have known these clients for a long time and knew that a shoot of this style would be right up their alley. Most clients might find a shoot like this too subjective and that is fine but they're a few that like that type of photography. You have to know your client to know which kind they would like. Factor 2. The clients trust me. First time clients are usually very apprehensive when it comes to posing and trusting that what you are doing will look good. Since I have worked with them in the past they trusted me, and that whatever I asked them to do would turn out good. 

Back to the ROAD TRIP! My wife and I (and our new little puppy) all loaded up the car and set out for the coast. My wife has never been up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and never seen its beauty. The winding roads and the cool fresh air made for a nice ride. We got there in the early afternoon, a little before the clients did so we got to hang out and relax. After the clients arrived we drove up the coast, stopping at a wharf for a quick outfit change and couple of photos. We then headed up to the lighthouse on Point Arena. We got a couple of very nice photos off the cliffs. From there we headed back down the coast to a pretty secluded beach where we spent a bulk of our time. A gorgeous place. I can see why it is their favorite place to go. We decided to take a break and headed back into town for dinner at a BBQ joint called Bones Road House Restaurant. Wow what a good place to eat. Then we went back to the beach for a few sunset photos. While the sunset was not what we had hoped for we still managed to get several nice photos anyway.

Enjoy the photos from our trip to Gualala!  


Brad & Jessica Romance-5Brad & Jessica Romance-5 Brad & Jessica Romance-15Brad & Jessica Romance-15 Brad & Jessica Romance-21Brad & Jessica Romance-21 Brad & Jessica Romance-29Brad & Jessica Romance-29 Brad & Jessica Romance-39Brad & Jessica Romance-39 Brad & Jessica Romance-40Brad & Jessica Romance-40 Brad & Jessica Romance-55Brad & Jessica Romance-55

Ma-Ha Photography does a Senior Portrait shoot for a previous client.

June 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Some years ago i was asked to do Quinceanera shoot for a lovely young lady named Keyli. (Check that blog post out here). Well i was recently contacted again to do her Senior Portraits. I was so pleased to hear that she only wanted me to do them. I have not seen her in a while and was excited to catch up with her. I found out she had taken 3 years of photography in high school. She and her mom have always been big supporters of my business. I hope that we get to do some work with each other in the future.Here are some of the photos that we took that day.

Keyli-15Keyli-15 Keyli-25Keyli-25 Keyli-14Keyli-14 Keyli-34Keyli-34

Ma-Ha Photography shoots an engagement shoot at a farm house in Sutter Creek

June 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Often when shooting weddings we don't do them alone. We have what we call in the industry 2nd shooters. Often hired for the day to photograph the wedding and ceremony. There are different ways of coming by a 2nd shooter, the best way is to team up with a fellow artist. This is the case for me. I hire the same person to be a second shooter for me and he hires me to do the same for him. On a rare occasion we will get together to photograph other things. In this case i was invited to come along on an engagement shoot for an upcoming wedding we will be doing. This is Dawson and Megan. A humble couple that is very country at heart. I wanted to capture their country spirit. Enjoy the photos below.

D&M_ENG-8D&M_ENG-8 D&M_ENG-12D&M_ENG-12 D&M_ENG-11D&M_ENG-11

Ma-Ha Photography photographs a wedding at the Jackson Rancheria

June 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When most people go to the Jackson Rancheria they go to gamble or maybe for a meal but most people are unaware that they do weddings there too. Chuck and Cari are a beautiful couple that decided to have their wedding done at the rancheria. As mature couple they had kids from their past. I always love then couples had their children as bridesmaids or groomsmen. So was the case in this wedding. Having a more intimate wedding they decided to a the ceremony and the reception in the Grand Ballroom. It was a very nice and simple ceremony. The lovely dinner and gorgeous wedding cake was all provided by Casino. Here are a few shots of the lovely bride and and the Eagle at the casino.  

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