Ma-Ha Photography: Blog en-us (C) Ma-Ha Photography (Ma-Ha Photography) Mon, 02 Nov 2015 17:38:00 GMT Mon, 02 Nov 2015 17:38:00 GMT Ma-Ha Photography: Blog 120 80 Wedding at Preston Castle in Ione Ca. The dreams of a bride are to have beautiful wedding. The dreams of a wedding photographer is to have a beautiful location. The first meeting I had with my future bride Vicki for this wedding, I was told the wedding was in Jackson Ca. That is fine with me. The second meeting we had she informed me that the venue had been changed and that they were now going to be married at Preston Castle in Ione. I have never done or seen a wedding at the castle before and was excited to be able to photograph there. The thought of having a wedding at an old Castle might not be appealing to everyone but it was actually very nice. They got married on the front steps of the castle and the reception was staged out back in the courtyard. I did have one concern. The couple has two boys, and so during all my meetings, I talked to Vicki but never seen Pat because he would be home with the kids. The day of the event is the first time I got to meet him. I was happy to know that in fact, I had photographed him before as a groomsmen in a previous wedding. I started off meeting the groom and his men. Usually the men are not ready when i show up but this time they were. It gave us plenty of time to take some cool photos around and in the Castle The bride and her beautiful bridesmaids showed up just a little before the wedding. The couple decided not to see each other before the wedding and so we did the brides photos after the ceremony. The reception held on the courtyard in the back was decorated lovely with Red Roses, wooden blocks that had there initials on them, Mood lighting strung across the span of the yard as well as up lighting on the castle walls. Think for me that best part of the wedding was seeing a couple with an already established family still take the time to make a dream wedding come true.

Donavan-6Donavan-6 Donavan-56Donavan-56 Donavan-104Donavan-104 Donavan-134Donavan-134 Donavan-210Donavan-210


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Ma-Ha Photography goes on a road trip to Gualala Ca. Whenever you have a client that has been coming back for years you come to trust each other. I was contacted by Jessica and Brad. I have done several photo shoots for them in the past. She really wanted to go to their favorite spot to do photos. Of course their favorite spot is a small town called Gualala near Fort Bragg and some 4 1/2 hours away. ROAD TRIP! ok so it ended up being one very long day but it was so worth it.

I had asked Jessica what type of photos she was looking for and she didn't know. I suggested since we were going to the beach, how about something more steamy, kind of a romance novel cover type? She thought it would be fun and so we found a few examples to reference and a clothing choice that would work and set a date. Now I normally would not suggest such a shoot with a client but since two major factors lead me this direction I decided to go for it. Factor 1. Know your clients. I have known these clients for a long time and knew that a shoot of this style would be right up their alley. Most clients might find a shoot like this too subjective and that is fine but they're a few that like that type of photography. You have to know your client to know which kind they would like. Factor 2. The clients trust me. First time clients are usually very apprehensive when it comes to posing and trusting that what you are doing will look good. Since I have worked with them in the past they trusted me, and that whatever I asked them to do would turn out good. 

Back to the ROAD TRIP! My wife and I (and our new little puppy) all loaded up the car and set out for the coast. My wife has never been up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and never seen its beauty. The winding roads and the cool fresh air made for a nice ride. We got there in the early afternoon, a little before the clients did so we got to hang out and relax. After the clients arrived we drove up the coast, stopping at a wharf for a quick outfit change and couple of photos. We then headed up to the lighthouse on Point Arena. We got a couple of very nice photos off the cliffs. From there we headed back down the coast to a pretty secluded beach where we spent a bulk of our time. A gorgeous place. I can see why it is their favorite place to go. We decided to take a break and headed back into town for dinner at a BBQ joint called Bones Road House Restaurant. Wow what a good place to eat. Then we went back to the beach for a few sunset photos. While the sunset was not what we had hoped for we still managed to get several nice photos anyway.

Enjoy the photos from our trip to Gualala!  


Brad & Jessica Romance-5Brad & Jessica Romance-5 Brad & Jessica Romance-15Brad & Jessica Romance-15 Brad & Jessica Romance-21Brad & Jessica Romance-21 Brad & Jessica Romance-29Brad & Jessica Romance-29 Brad & Jessica Romance-39Brad & Jessica Romance-39 Brad & Jessica Romance-40Brad & Jessica Romance-40 Brad & Jessica Romance-55Brad & Jessica Romance-55

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Ma-Ha Photography does a Senior Portrait shoot for a previous client. Some years ago i was asked to do Quinceanera shoot for a lovely young lady named Keyli. (Check that blog post out here). Well i was recently contacted again to do her Senior Portraits. I was so pleased to hear that she only wanted me to do them. I have not seen her in a while and was excited to catch up with her. I found out she had taken 3 years of photography in high school. She and her mom have always been big supporters of my business. I hope that we get to do some work with each other in the future.Here are some of the photos that we took that day.

Keyli-15Keyli-15 Keyli-25Keyli-25 Keyli-14Keyli-14 Keyli-34Keyli-34

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Ma-Ha Photography shoots an engagement shoot at a farm house in Sutter Creek Often when shooting weddings we don't do them alone. We have what we call in the industry 2nd shooters. Often hired for the day to photograph the wedding and ceremony. There are different ways of coming by a 2nd shooter, the best way is to team up with a fellow artist. This is the case for me. I hire the same person to be a second shooter for me and he hires me to do the same for him. On a rare occasion we will get together to photograph other things. In this case i was invited to come along on an engagement shoot for an upcoming wedding we will be doing. This is Dawson and Megan. A humble couple that is very country at heart. I wanted to capture their country spirit. Enjoy the photos below.

D&M_ENG-8D&M_ENG-8 D&M_ENG-12D&M_ENG-12 D&M_ENG-11D&M_ENG-11

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Ma-Ha Photography photographs a wedding at the Jackson Rancheria When most people go to the Jackson Rancheria they go to gamble or maybe for a meal but most people are unaware that they do weddings there too. Chuck and Cari are a beautiful couple that decided to have their wedding done at the rancheria. As mature couple they had kids from their past. I always love then couples had their children as bridesmaids or groomsmen. So was the case in this wedding. Having a more intimate wedding they decided to a the ceremony and the reception in the Grand Ballroom. It was a very nice and simple ceremony. The lovely dinner and gorgeous wedding cake was all provided by Casino. Here are a few shots of the lovely bride and and the Eagle at the casino.  

20150418-30020150418-300 3-13-1 untitled-2untitled-2 K70A2134K70A2134 K70A2003K70A2003

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Ma-Ha Photography Engagement Photos in Old Sacramento Garrett and Briana are a very laid back couple. They contacted me and wanted wedding photos done but decided against engagement photos. I think partly to the fact that they simply didn't need them and probably mostly to the fact they work multiple jobs each and creating the time was going to be very difficult. I stressed to them the importance of having them done. It often helps the clients get use to the way we work on wedding day.They become comfortable with a camera up close and personal. So one day Briana contacted me and said they had decided to get the engagement session done and since they live in Sacramento they would like them done in Old Sacramento. I agreed and we set a date for them to take off of work from their 26 jobs (not really that many more like 5). As you can see from the photos below we had a very fun time!

B&G_eng-3B&G_eng-3 B&G_eng-21B&G_eng-21 B&G_eng-26B&G_eng-26 B&G_eng-35B&G_eng-35

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Ma-Ha Photography Senior Portraits in Sutter Creek Ca by Ione Photographer Some time back I did Senior Portraits for two brothers that were both graduating the same year. The brothers have a deep connection that would take a book to explain. Well i was contacted by their mother. One of the boys had a friend that she wanted to do something nice for and wanted her to get Senior Portraits done for. While they live in Galt, they thought it would be nice to come up to Sutter Creek Ca, where they had done the brothers photos. Im not sure if it is the natural beauty of the area or if it is the fact that they would be able eat at Pizza Plus of Sutter Creek. A place I  introduced them to the last time they had came up. They showed up and I was greeted to Krista. Krista was a very pleasant and very gracious young lady. We wandered around Sutter Creek and took photos at various locations in the town. Of course we had to go for pizza once we were finished. :)

Krista001Krista001 Krista021Krista021 Krista024Krista024 Krista034Krista034 Krista032Krista032 Krista048Krista048

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Ma-Ha Photography Family photos in Jackson Ca for Christmas Their comes a time when all that stuff that your mom has done for you, needs to be paid back. What better way to show your mom that you love her than to surprise her with photos. I was contacted by Charles to have photos done for himself, his sister and his niece. His mom and the family have been going to the Methodist Church in Jackson Ca for many years. He thought it would be nice to take photos at the church. His mom has always loved the church. I found out during the shoot that the church is now for sale. I learned that the church is a historical landmark that needs lots of roof repair and the church does not have the funds to do the work. It's sad to know an icon will someday be torn down. As I walked around I listened to Brooke tell me about how when she was young, her and her friend would go around and find all the secret passages that are in the church and how much she will miss the church that she grew up in. Mom thought that the window in the rear of the church was beautiful and so we wanted to get a shot with it in the background. While I unfortunately can't do much about the old church, I can at least preserve the memories in photos.

Zimmerman-5Zimmerman-5 Zimmerman-31Zimmerman-31 Zimmerman-34Zimmerman-34 Zimmerman-47Zimmerman-47

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Ma-Ha Photography Amador Photographer does child photos in Valley Springs Ca As some of you might know, I worked for Denny's in Galt Ca for more than 18 years. In that amount of time I have had the pleasure of working with and becoming long time friends with some of my co-workers. One of them being Brandi. Brandi and I have worked together for the better part of 15 years. Over the years I have watched her daughter grow and have two kids of her own. Now Brandi being a grandmother of two and I already doing several photo shoots for her before. She asked me to photograph her two grandsons as a present for her daughter. We decided to go up to her house in Valley Springs Ca while she was watching the boys for the week and photograph there. Letting the little ones play and be themselves. I posed them in some comfortable situations and photographed away. Lying flat on the floor and getting them at their level is way different for me than standing and photographing weddings. That being said, we all had a good time and came up with some great photos.

K70A9081K70A9081 Dahl-46Dahl-46 Dahl-30Dahl-30 Dahl-13Dahl-13

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Ma-Ha Photography Ione Photographer photographs a wedding at Young's Vineyard Im alway curious and it's always good to know how my clients find me. I did a wedding some time ago at a church for the daughter of a good friend. The groom has a co-worker that was getting married and looking for a photographer. That's where I come in. I met with Kayley  at Starbucks in Martell Ca and discussed photographing their wedding at Young's Vineyard in Plymouth Ca. She was having a small wedding with an intimate group of friends and family and wanted photos of the event. We agreed to photograph the wedding. Kayley did not have any particular shots in mind left it up to us to come up with something nice. I had never shot at this venue before and decided that I would go up ahead of time and get a look at the location as well as the lighting that would available at the time of their event. Young's Vineyard is a beautiful location set in the Shenandoah Valley. One of many wineries in the area. The day started off with the Bride getting ready at the location and the groom off site. We took some pre wedding photos but the couple wanted to wait until after the ceremony to do the couple shots as they did not want to see each other before the wedding. We took some lovely photos and began to wait. Due to some of the guests being unfortunately late the wedding started 1 1/2 hours behind. I have not been to a wedding that has started on time yet but this was by far the latest I have ever had to wait for a ceremony to start. You would think that starting that late would be horrible but as i mentioned, this was an intimate wedding and none of the 20 or so guests in attendance seemed to mind. We are at a nice venue with nice wine to drink and keep you occupied and pass the time after all. Changes in the lighting considerably made for a challenge but, we were still able to come up with some great shots. I hope you enjoy them.  

Congratulations to Joe and Kayley Crabtree!! 

Crabtree-47Crabtree-47 Crabtree-59Crabtree-59 Crabtree-68Crabtree-68 Crabtree-145Crabtree-145 Crabtree-226Crabtree-226 Crabtree-236Crabtree-236

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Ma-Ha Photography Ione Photographer Photographs Family Portraits at Lodi Lake I have known Johnny Allen and Mannie Deadwiley for a while. I was happy to learn that they were going to be parents. They gave birth to a beautiful little girl Skylar. Mannie parents live in Florida and kept begging for photos of the baby. That is where I come in. They asked me if I would photograph there family. I was elated to do so. Johnny has grown up in the Galt and Lodi area for his entire life. He loves to fish and had gone out to Lodi Lake several times. We decided that it would be a nice place to take his family photos. On the day that we met the baby was fussy and wanted to cry. I captured several cute photos of the baby crying, but as you can see below we were also able to capture some beautiful photos of her in a good mood too.

Mannie&Johnny005Mannie&Johnny005 Mannie&Johnny008Mannie&Johnny008 Mannie&Johnny010Mannie&Johnny010 Mannie&Johnny012Mannie&Johnny012 Mannie&Johnny036Mannie&Johnny036

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Ma-Ha Photography Ione Photographer Photograph's Jackson Ca Lightning Boy Kory Gibbs Rock N Roll, Blues, fog, smoke, flames, and really fast fingers. Some of the things you might see when you go to see this Amador County legend known to the public as "Lightning Boy". Known to friends and family as Kory Gibbs. Recently getting a headlining gig at The Jackson Rancheria, Kory is an up and coming prodigy. I have had the pleasure of doing several photo shoots for Kory and his Thundering Blues band ion the past. On this day Kory was wanting some solo shots for some advertising as well as to be used for poster sales. We met up at a spot in Sutter Creek, a small town in Amador County. We had a lot of fun walking around taking photos of Kory in various locations on the property and convincing his dad Mike that taking a photo on top of a cow patty was not a good idea. (pretty sure he was just kidding). Anyway, he are some shots that we took that day. I hope you enjoy them.

Kory-4Kory-4 Kory-7Kory-7 Kory-18Kory-18 Kory-23Kory-23

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Ma-Ha Photography Amador photographer shoots in oldtown Sacramento I met up with the lovely couple of Brad and Jessica down in Old town Sacremento. We started taking photos on the pier by Joe's crab shack where I was able to get some great head shots of lovely couple. From there we moved down to the water where even though I had the task of combatting the glare from the river. I used it to make Silhouettes during which the couple shared in jovial laughter. while laughing and sharing some witty banter we moved up to the street level and put a spin on hide and seek photos in the rustic buildings and covered walkways. I do so love  the old school street lights in old town Sacramento and we took several romantic shots there as well.


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Ma-Ha Photography Amador Photographer Photographs a Cowgirl in Valley Springs To say that Jenni is a Cowgirl might be an under statement! She is country thru and thru. From he Roper cowboy hat, to her well used cowboy boots. She not only looks country, she lives country. I've known Jenni for a little while and i can say she is one of the most kindest young souls i have met in a very long time. She has a genuineness, coupled with the spunk of baby colt that is very refreshing to see. When i told her that i do photography i was surprised to learn that she had never been photographed by a professional of any kind. She was very nervous about it but i reassured her that if they turn out bad than that would be my fault. While she understood she wasn't very convinced. i promised i would give her pretty photos. We scheduled a date and decided to photograph at her Aunts house in Vally Springs. Her aunt lives on a little property and has several horses on the grounds. On the day of the shoot she was nervous but handling it well. I found the first location and set her up. I could tell right away that she was going to be too nervous to get the photos she deserved. We put some music on, Heavy Metal, (i am so kidding, country of course). It helped a little and we took a few photos. I decided that in efforts to help her more we would move on to taking some photos of her with some horses. This did two things. 1st it made her very comfortable and relaxed. She instantly had a glow about her. 2nd it made me very nervous. From three large animals to very expensive equipment, i wasn't as relaxed as i would like but i just sucked it up and did my thing. We got some very awesome photos in the corral. From there we moved on to several other locations around the property. In the end she had several photos that she liked and even talked about setting up another shoot with her and a friend. Something i look foreword to doing for them in the days to come.


This first photo is taken in the tree grove next  the driveway on the property. As you can see, Jenni has a huge smile and who doesn't like a horseshoe necklace. 


As you can see, Jenni is very comfortable and very Happy to be with horses.

Jenni_014Jenni and the HorseAs you can see Jenni is very happy when she is working with horses.

To give this photo even more country feel, (if that is even possible) we had added a post process to it to give it a look that is old and over exposed. While it is not something that is done very much, it looks very good for some photos.


When Jenni and i were talking about her photo shoot. One of the ideas that i suggested was to photograph her with her truck. You know any girl with a truck like that and a saying on the back is hardcore country. (and probably has the only truck a guy might not want to drive lol). She also had mentioned that she like sun soaked shots, meaning a lot of light coming in, causing the photo to look over  saturated and soft. We got to accomplish this with this photo.


This last shoot is done in another small grove of trees a the entrance to the property. Although there wasn't that much to work with in this area, we managed to get this very nice shot, with the help of some special lenses and the use of an off camera flash.



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Ma-Ha Photography Amador County Photographer shoots a Secret Location in Amador County  


I was contacted by a friend to help out on a fashion shoot in a secret location in Amador county. Who could pass up an opportunity like that definitely not me so of course I said yes. We decided to do the photo shoot in a country setting. This is our model Rebecca who was very kind hearted and a great joy to work with.Lets start with this first photo on the left. Here we have Rebecca in a summer dress leaning on on old rustic building.I like the angle here because of the angle it allows the focus to be on her yet it incorporates the building and background scenery as well. The photo on the right is done on some old farming equipment.There was great light from the sun behind the tree.keeping a soft glow about Rebecca whilst she lounges for this this photo. moving on to the black and white old time photo. Here we see a rusted yet vintage old beauty. I love the setting of her in the middle and arms resting on both front fenders. It almost as if she is sitting on a throne of old glory and a splash of new age looks. The fourth photo we had Rebecca change it up with a another beautiful outfit a straw hat with a pink and white sleeveless shirt. This is a very soft and warm photo. She looks ready for an afternoon of lounging in the sun or working in a garden. I liked that old vintage beauty so much i gave it another appearance here with Rebecca. If you take your time eyeing this photo it looks like car is smiling almost as big as Rebecca is in this shot. It is happy to be used again. Always the best for last. Here is a wide portrait shot of the countryside as Rebecca models her final outfit. stunning  is one of the first words that comes to mind when I look upon this photo. Next would have to be the way the wind catches her hair and plays with it softly just adds character to the shot. This photo shoot was great fun and I enjoyed it immensely can't wait to work with Rebecca again. 


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Ma-Ha Photography Amador County photographer shoots a wine bar in Lodi Ca I  was approached by Daisy to do some engagement photos for her and her fiance Paul. Daisy brought up the idea to do the photo shoot in a wine bar. This is a place where they had met and fell in love dancing. Daisy and Paul had a friend who owned a wine bar. I told her that it would be a pleasure to do a photo shoot at a wine bar. The idea behind the photo shoot at the wine bar is to capture Daisy and Paul being themselves and having fun. As you all know i strive to capture the essence of you in the photo. These photos were taken down in lodi, ca. These photos are precious to them in quality and  it captures Paul and Daisy being themselves full of life and excitement.

Starting with the top left photo, Here Paul and Daisy share a romantic kiss is the street with the faint glow of the street lanterns. the second photo on the top right is inside the wine bar sharing a soft moment enjoying the wine and fun atmosphere, both of them so full of happiness and love. On to the third photo in the bottom left a slow moment in the evening where the couple ordered wine for the evening.  The last of the photos you see here in the bottom corner Paul and daisy showed me their moves and how they fell in  love dancing .  This was a great opportunity for me, I love when clients suggest their own ideas for the photo shoots because it allows me to capture them in their natural element.



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Ma-Ha Photography Amador county photographer shoots senior portraits in jackson ca I was contacted by my friend sarah to do some senior portraits for her daughter Lauren. They had expressed taking some photos that were not typical senior portrait style. Lauren is heavily into fashion and wanted a photo shoot centered around fashion. Sarah contacted a friend of hers who happened to own a clothing shop in Jackson and allowed us to shoot at her store after the shop had closed. I was abled to take some very interesting photos of Lauren in the display window as you can see below. the photo turned out very good. From there we moved inside  the store where i was faced with some difficult lighting situations but that made for all the better photos. I used some different lighting techniques  to bring out certain parts of the store and as well to hide parts we didn't want in the photos. The first shot you see is in the display case  a close up of Lauren  sitting an antique  yet fashionable chair. The following shot is father back  with Lauren still in the display and from this angle if you merely passing by or taking a quick look you would hardly know that Lauren is real as long as she stayed still. Great job Lauren for being a life like mannequin.  the middle photo shows off Lauren's taste in fashion elegant and  respectable yet still classy. Last and certainly not least the two photos at the bottom put lauren in the spot light. On the left a simple pose and happy smile play across her face still child like yet on the left a more serious tone  and statement I am beautiful lady.



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Ma-Ha Photography Amador county photographer shoots senior portraits in Sutter Creek I had caught up with a long time friend Kelly. We have worked together before a very long time ago but we stayed in touch throughout the years. She asked me if I would take senior portraits of her two boys Michael and Bradley. They are both graduating in the same year.Bradley the smaller of the boys is actually the older of the two. When Bradley was born he had some health issues that caused him to stay smaller and look more youthful but don't let that fool you he is a very smart guy. Michael the bigger of the two brother is younger but has always protected Bradley now it is time that they graduate together. These two boys are a crack up to be around so full of life and playfulness and both have great personalities. When Kelly and I got together we agreed that they would come from Sacramento to a little town called Sutter Creek a vintage old town still thriving today.

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Ma-Ha Photography Amador County Photographer Shoots in Sutter Creek california Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. As some of you may or may not know when I am not actively doing photography I also play bass for the Church of the Nazarene on sundays. I was asked by  my good friend and drummer of the band if I would take wedding photos for his daughter. I was delighted for the opportunity.   We took most of the couples and group shots at the Foxes Inn.The wedding party was fun,relaxed and great people to hang out with. The wedding party first got ready at the Foxes inn and then the the ceremony took place at the Church of the Nazarene. 

The first shot of the lovely bride is taken in front of the Foxes inn. Second shot is done in the rear of the Foxes inn  of the bride and her side of the wedding party I had a great time getting the angles for that photo.The Third shot  is of the groom and his men  in the rear of the Foxes inn deep in the very lush and green plants that are ornately arranged.The Silhouette photo of the bride and groom kissing is taken in Ione ca during the time of the reception. It was a great dusk light photo it worked very well. Second to last photo in black and white is of the groomsmen waiting in the pew of the church prior to the service. Finally the photo hear is of the bride, groom and guests during the ceremony.

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Ma-Ha Photography Sacramento Area Photographer shoots Wedding in the Santa Cruz foothills When I had heard that one of my long time friends Nicole was getting married I was elated to say the least. I have known her for many years and I was her boss at her very first job. We had grown up together in Santa Cruz Ca. The wedding was small and quaint. She feared it would be to small for us but no wedding is to small as it is a special day  to be treasured. The wedding took place at Nicole' moms house in the backyard. Her mom had just remodeled the back yard with a very beautiful concrete setting.  I arrived on the day of the wedding and looked for places to get some great photos. The ceremony went flawlessly, friends and family had a great time and this was a great opportunity for myself a wonderful experience.

This fist photo is a puzzle that was made for the son ad his best man gift that is normally given during the wedding. The puzzle was made by the groom for the son. H also has adopted the the to children into his own life.The second shot is of their son and the following  shot is of their daughter.The fourth shot is taken in and around the beautiful red wood trees of Soquel. Final shot is taken in the brides home is taken on the stairway near the entrance that has a big window that lets in a good amount of light for this wonderful shot.

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