Ma-Ha Photography | Explanation of The Cheaters View

The Cheaters View


   This photo is comprised of many different photos. The player, the hat, the cigar, the glasses, the left hand, and the right hand, are all different photos. The idea of this shot is that the person shown in the the photo has been loosing and is now "all in" on  a very good hand. The only problem is that the first person's perspective that you are looking from, is looking through his glasses and can see what the other player is holding. Knowing that he would loose this hand, if it was not for the ace up his sleeve. The photo is complex in the fact that, not only is he cheating with his glasses, he is cheating with the cards up his sleeve as well. I was sitting at my own poker table one day and came up with this idea for a photo. It took several weeks of planning to come up with all the details to make this photo. All the actual photos were taken in one day.


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