Ma-Ha Photography | Explanation of We are All Just One

We Are All Just One


    I use to work for a restaurant and came up with the idea for this photo after seeing many types of people come in. I was thinking that even though everyone is different we are all just the same. The idea is that even though people come from all different walks of life we could in fact be any of them. 

    In order to pull off the story I wanted, I would have to recruit a subject willing to play every person in the photo. I found a friend that was willing to do the shoot with me and liked to dress up. I enlisted the help of a hair and make-up artist to help pull it off. 

    I wanted to show the contrast of people using just one person. Starting on the left and moving from left to right, the first subject was and old grumpy lady. She was there to represent the people who have harden there hearts. They have no more compassion in them. We dressed her in a old style clothing and over did her make-up. She was mad at the young girl next to her.

     The second seat was a little girl shown with the “My little Pony” shirt and pig tails.     this girl represents the young and the innocent. The child in people. To make the interaction we decided to have the old lady pour a milkshake that the young lady had been drinking on the young girls head. 

    The third seat was a hippy. I wanted her to be a free spirit. To show the carefree and happy go lucky. I thought it would be a good contrast to put her with a working class person. So I had a server serving her a salad. 

    The fourth seat was set for a homeless guy. I wanted the homeless person to represent the down on their luck, the poor and the unfortunate. I thought that a homeless person contrast would be a rich girl.

    The fifth seat was a well dress rich lady drinking wine. The rich girl represnted the upper class, the sophisticated class. I decided to have them flirting with each other to show the contrast here. 

    The whole photo was made to show just how similar we can all really be. To show that we can be anyone of these at anytime.


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