Ma-Ha Photography | Explanation of Where to Stay in Amador County-2

Where to stay in Amador County?


    In this photo I wanted the viewers to think. In the photo are a five Hotels that are very recognizable in Amador County. The idea was, what if put them all together? Will the viewer know that they are not next to each other? When you make a photo that looks real but it is not, many things come into play. Perspective and shadows are the two biggest tells that a photo is fake. I planned this photo and what it would look like many for weeks in my head before going out to shoot it. How would I make it look right? How would I solve the issues of shadows and perspective? During a day off, I set out to shoot all five locations. I already had where they would go in my head. I had to know in advance where the hotel would be in the photo to get the perspective of each correct.

     I entered this photo in the Amador County Fair. I wanted to play to the local people. To see how they would react to it. I knew that the judge was from Sacramento and would not know that this place does not exist in reality. In order to get around this, this was the first year I decided to title the photo and put all the names of the hotels and where they were located on the bottom of the photo. It won it’s class. 

    I went to the fair and was walking around looking at other photos entered. I watched a couple walk up and look at my photo. The gentleman said “oh It’s a photo of Jackson” and the ladies reply was “no look it is all different places put together, see”. I walked up to them and introduced myself and explained the photo to them. It was cool to see what people thought of the photo without them knowing the creator was next to them.


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